Ring Groups allow administrators to group multiple users under one particular extension, making their devices ring using either a cascading or simultaneous ring strategy. Ring Groups are ideal for non call center environments, where more sophisticated call distribution technology is usually required.

Create Ring Group:

a) Access the Ring Groups & Call Queues view, within the locations app, and select “Ring Groups”
b) Select the option create ring group.
c) Assign a name, users and the extension number to the ring group.
d) Select if you want to record inbound calls to the ring groups extension number.
e) For missed calls choose between busy tone or voicemail, if voicemails select decide which agent should receive the voicemail.
f) On the advanced tab select the call distribution strategy, choose be-tween cascading or simultaneous ring.

Delete Ring Group:

To delete a Ring Group access the Ring Group view, hover the cursor over thedesired ring group, click on the menu located on the right handside and selectthe option delete.

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