Call Queues allow the administrator to group users under one extension, and hold calls until agents become available, providing advanced call center technology to handle automated inbound call distribution. Call Queues should be used for teams such as support, inbound sales, among others, that often manage a significant volume of inbound phone calls.

Create Call Queue:

a) Access the Ring Groups & Call Queues view, within the locations app and select “Call Queues”.
b) Select the option create Call Queue.
c) Assign a Name, Extension Number and Users.
d) Default Music: Is the music on hold. Callers will listen to this music while they wait for an agent to respond. Audio files should be MP3 or WAV and should not exceed 5MB.
e) Call Distribution Strategy: Calls can be distributed among agents usingRound Robin or Most Idle strategy.
f) Wrap Up Time: is the time in seconds that an agent has to complete their after call work.
g) Agent Ring Timeout: the amount of time in seconds the devices of an agent will ring before moving to the next agent.
h) Max. Number of Calls: The maximum number of calls allowed within a specific queue. When the number of calls is exceeded, calls will move onto the next step defined in a call flow.
i) Max. Hold Time: The maximum time in seconds a call will remain on hold before exiting the queue and moving on to the next step defined in a call flow.
j) Service Level: The percentage of calls answered within a specific timeframe defined in seconds by the administrator. For example an administrator might define that his service level target is to answer 85% of calls within the first 20 seconds.
k) Allow callers to enter the queue even if no agents are available: This option will allow calls to be enqueued although there are no agents log-ged in.
l) Call Recording Enabled: Record all inbound calls to the queue.

Delete Call Queue:

To delete a Call Queue access the Call Queues view, hover the cursor over the desired call queue, click on the menu located on the right hand side and select the option delete.

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