The app Call Logs allows administrators to easily search and find phone calls and all call-related activity within the phone system while providing powerful filters and options to perform advanced queries.

Search Calls by Location:

Allows administrators to find all phone calls related to users of a specific office location.

Search by Phone Number:

Allows administrators to search for all phone calls that originated or terminated on a particular PhoneIQ phone number.

Search by User:

Allows administrators to search for all phone calls made or received by a PhoneIQ user.

Search by Queue:

Allows administrators to search for all inbound phone calls to a specific PhoneIQ call queue.

Custom Search:

Allows administrators to search for phone calls using a specific phone number or contact name. A search box is provided were administrators can type in the name or number and perform the query.

Standard Filters:

Direction: Specifies the direction of the call (Outbound, Inbound, Missed).
Type: Specifies if the call is internal or external (PSTN).
Date: The range of dates in which to perform the query.

Export to Excel:

Allows administrators to download the filtered phone call activity as an excel file.

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