From the call handling view, users can manage different aspects of their call handling rules for both inbound and outbound calls.

Device management

Device management offers two core functionalities: a) Caller ID selection for each device b) The ability to enable or disable specific devices for phone calls. Once a device is disabled it can no longer make or take calls.

Call Waiting

Call waiting is a telephony feature that allows a user to receive notification of an inbound call while he/she is connected to another phone call, providing the opportunity to answer the new call and hold the current one, answer the new call and end the current call or reject the new incoming call. If this feature is disabled, phone calls routed to users that are on an active call, will be automatically rejected by the system. 

Click to Call

The click to call Chrome Browser Extension allows Chrome users to click on a phone number while they are browsing the internet and have PhoneIQ dial automatically from their Desktop App.

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