The Voicemail Drop feature allows PhoneIQ users to create pre-recorded voicemail messages that can be seamlessly dropped into their callee's inbox with a couple of clicks.

Voicemail Drop can be enabled by administrators via the admin portal.

Step 1:

Access the admin portal with your administrator credentials.

Step 2:

Navigate to the Settings view.

Step 3:

Once you are in Settings, click on the Preferences tab to find the voicemail drop feature.

There are two ways to enable the feature: ‘Enable Voicemail Drop’ (This option enables the voicemail drop, but the administrator will have to enable the feature for each user individually). The other option, ‘Enable for all users’, will automatically enable the feature for all users.

Note: In any case, the pre-recorded message will have to be uploaded individually by each user using the PhoneIQ Desktop App or CTI.

Step 3.1:

To enable the feature for a specific user, navigate to 'Users' and click on the desired user to edit, then click on the option to enable the feature for the user. Once you selected the user, click on the option 'Enable Voicemail Drop' and then click save. If you choose the option 'Enable for all users" the feature will be enabled for all users automatically.

Step 4:

Once enabled, the user might need to refresh his CTI or reload the desktop App. Once this is done, navigate to the User Settings and click on the option "Voicemail drop" and select "Upload voicemail drop". Click select audio file.

Once the user selected the audio file to be played, you can rename the file (optional) and click "Upload".

Users can upload multiple audio files and reorder them using drag and drop (will need to click 'Save list order' to save the list order).

Step 5:

In order to use Voicemail Drop, when making an outbound phone call click on the voicemail drop button (labeled voicemail drop).

If the user uploaded more than one pre-recorded message, they will be prompted to choose which message they want to drop. Once selected, click "Leave voicemail". The voicemail will be left.

Step 6:

Users can check their dropped voicemails by accessing the "Phone App" > "Recents" tab and clicking on the Call Details popup. The popup will show the status as voicemail dropped (applies to the Salesforce task too).

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