Recommended WAN/Internet access type:

Fiber offers the most reliable and stable internet connection, usually offering faster internet speeds, less packet loss and lower latency overall, which are key elements for a great experience using VoIP.

Backup connection:

We recommend having a backup connection in case your main internet connection fails. Backup should be delivered preferably using another internet access method like wireless, copper or coaxial. 

VoIP Bandwidth Requirements: 

Since PhoneIQ uses the public internet to route phone, network administrators should allocate a certain amount of bandwidth exclusively to VoIP traffic.

Voice traffic: 100 kbps per phone call (for both download and upload traffic).

E.g.: If a network admin estimates 8 simultaneous phone calls at any given time, he/she should allocate 800 kbps of upload and download bandwidth for PhoneIQ. (See Firewall settings here & QoS suggestions here).  

Standard Architecture


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