All activities related to contacts can be performed from the Contacts App. The app is divided into 3 major lists:

Team Directory

From the team directory view, users can quickly find co workers, their extension number and know to which department they have been assigned. 

Shared Contact List

The Shared Contact List works as central repository of contacts for the account. Contacts assigned to this list will be shared among all users in the account. If the Salesforce Contact Sync is active, contacts added to this list will be synced to Salesforce.

Personal Contacts

The Personal Contact List allows users to create a private list of contacts that only they can view and access across their different devices. 

Creating a new contact

New contacts can be added to the Shared and Personal contact lists. Once inside the list click on the "Create new contact" button, proceed to complete the contact form and specify to which list does the contact belong.

Deleting a contact

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