Once the PhoneIQ for Salesforce package is installed in your Salesforce Org., the next step is to visit the PhoneIQ administrator portal and navigate to the “Integrations” view within the Integrations App and select “New Integration”. This is required to ensure PhoneIQ has the necessary permissions to perform remote operations via the API. Choose the Salesforce environment where you want to install PhoneIQ and click “Install”. A new browser tab will open, requesting your Salesforce login credentials. If you have already authenticated with Salesforce in the same browser session, credentials won’t be required.


Make sure your Salesforce account has it's API enabled. API access is provided with the Enterprise and Unlimited license by default. If you have the Professional license please contact your Salesforce Account Executive and request to have the API enabled (take into consideration that the API is a paid feature with the Professional License). 

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