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Setting up a Desk Phone using Automated Provisioning
Setting up a Desk Phone using Automated Provisioning
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For Desk Phones that are part of the fully supported device list, automatic provisioning is available. 

a) Create a device in PhoneIQ with a valid 12 digit mac address (usually found on the back of desk phones).
b) Connect the phone to the public internet.
c) Enter the private IP address into your PC’s web browser (note that the pc and the phone should be within the same network).
d) Login to the Desk Phone using the phone's default credentials (Username: admin, Password: admin).
e) Once you have access to the desk phone’s web interface, visit the settings tab and select the “Auto Provision” view.
f) Enter the PhoneIQ’s provisioning URL in the “Server URL” field and select the option “Auto provision now” -
g) Once this initial phase of provisioning shows as completed on phone, the phone will: auto reboot in case it needs a firmware update or it will be ready to use if it doesn't.
h) As part of the provisioning process, for security purposes PhoneIQ changes the default password for all your phones. To login to the desk phones GUI, you can find your new password on the admin dashboard > settings > company settings > provisioning password.

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