For Desk Phones that are not part of the fully supported device list but are fully SIP compliant, manual provisioning is available.

a) Create a device in PhoneIQ with the brand and model selected as “Other.”
b) Once the device is created, copy the SIP credentials (SIP Username, Password, and Domain).
c) Connect the phone to the public internet.
d) Using the Desk Phone’s physical display, find the private IP address of the phone.
e) Enter the private IP address into your PC’s web browser (note that the pc and phone should be within the same network).
f) Log in to the Desk Phone using the Desk Phone credentials, usually “admin” for both username and password. We highly recommend administrators change these default credentials for all desk phones that are not using the Automatic Provisioning system.
g) Complete the following fields from within the Desk Phones web interface and click provision: Label (Name for the account "PhoneIQ"), Display Name (The name for the SIP account "PhoneIQ," which will probably show on the phone’s physical display), Register Name (SIP Username), User Name (SIP Username), Password (SIP Password), Server Host (SIP Domain) and check Line Active is enable.
h) Provision the device and check that it has successfully registered to PhoneIQ’s network by checking the Register status is Registered in the desk phone web interface.

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