Managing PhoneIQ Permission Sets.

Manage PhoneIQ settings and custom field visibility and accessibility among your users.

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A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that gives users access to various tools and functions, basically providing extended functional access to users without changing their Salesforce profile. When installed, the PhoneIQ managed package, it automatically installs our own Permission Sets that will allow users to view custom fields within the task layout like: call recording, disposition codes, tags, call purpose, etc., and view tabs like the PhoneIQ Admin tab within the PhoneIQ Lightning App.

Managing Permission Sets

To manage permission sets assignment navigate to Setup within Salesforce, type “Permission Sets” in the Quick Box search and click on Permission Sets. Once inside, click on the PhoneIQ permission sets and click Manage Assignments. From within this view, you can either Add Assignments or Remove Assignments.

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