A task layout is a collection of data  fields and inputs that compose the structure and layout of a task within the Salesforce CRM. Tasks are used within Salesforce to store, amongst other things, telephony related activities and interactions. The PhoneIQ managed package provides a Task Layout that automatically provides Salesforce users with visibility into PhoneIQ custom fields like: call recording, disposition codes, tags, customer mood, call purpose, etc. The easiest way to view these custom fields, is having Salesforce administrators assign the PhoneIQ task layout to the corresponding profiles. 

NOTE: Users must have the PhoneIQ Permission Sets assigned to them in order to visualize these new custom fields. 

Managing & Assigning Task Layouts

To manage Task Layouts navigate to Setup within Salesforce, type “Object Manager” in the Quick Box search and click on Object Manager. In the Quick Find box type “Task”, navigate to the Task view and click “Page Layouts”. Once inside click “Page Layout Assignment” > Edit Assignment, select the profiles to which you want to assign the PhoneIQ Layout by clicking on them in the list below and select the PhoneIQ Task Layout V10 as the “Page layout To Use”and click save. Once completed navigate to a task created by a PhoneIQ automation and, if the permissions sets and layout are correctly assigned, the user will be able to view the additional custom fields.

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