Understanding key differences between Power Dialer and Preview Dialer

Power Dialer:

A power dialer is an automated outbound dialing system. It removes the option for your rep to decide when the next call is dialed. The dialer will automatically initiate the next call in the list once the “wrap up time” allocated for after call work tasks is completed. This removes the wait time between calls and will significantly increase the rate at which your call center dials out. 

Best suited for:

Reps handling calls that are very similar in nature and would benefit from having the system deliver the calls automatically to them.

Preview Dialer:

When using preview dialing mode, a rep will be presented with a list of contacts which she can manage and modify, but it is up to her to decide when to initiate the next call. When paired with Salesforce, a good preview dialer will enable the rep to quickly screen pop into the correct record either during, or before each call, to conduct research. 

Best suited for:

Complex sales scenarios like Enterprise sales, where some research is required before each call.

Do you offer Predictive or multi line dialers? 

No, we don't.

Using the PhoneIQ Dialer as an end user

Requirements: User must have an active PhoneIQ Agent License.

Step 1. Once logged in the Salesforce CTI: open the soft phone, select the "Call lists" tab and click "Add New Call List".

Step 2. Complete the new call list form by adding a "name" to the list, selecting a color, selecting your dialing system (Preview or Power Dialing) and importing contacts/leads/account to the list using Salesforce List Views. If you don't want to import a dialing list at this time, you can add contacts manually to the list (contact sync should be enabled).

Step 3. Once created, select the desired list to begin and:
a) If using Power Dialer select "Start Session".
b) If using Preview Dialer select "Dial next call".
If screen pop is enabled, new calls will automatically pop the corresponding record in Salesforce.
If automations are enabled, calls will be automatically logged in Salesforce.

Power Dialer Controls

1. Timer. Time in seconds (wrap up time) before the next call is dialed automatically.
2. Skip time. Once clicked it will skip the wrap up time between calls and dial instantly.
3. Pause/Resume.
It will pause/resume the timer second countdown.
4. Exit session. Allows agents to exit the session early and resume at a later time.
5. Manual screen pop. Enables an agent to manually screen pop into a record.

Setting the wrap up time between outbound calls for the Power Dialer

Step 1. Access the admin portal, select the locations app > Click "call settings" > Outbound Dialers.
Step 2. Click "Create power dialer".
Step 3. Select the department to which you want to assign the wrap up time and select the desired wrap up time in seconds.

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