Your account must be on PhoneIQ Premium or Enterprise plan.


The Live Supervisor Console can be accessed through the admin dashboard and selecting the "Live" app. The dashboard is currently divided in two reports:

Queued calls: Shows inbound calls currently on hold in one your call queues, waiting to be handled by an available agent.
Live Agents: Shows agents assigned to queues within your account and their live status.

Populating the Live Agents Report 

In order to visualize agents within this report, they must be assigned to at least one call queue. 

Agents Statuses

Agents have different statuses that can be viewed and managed by supervisors from the Dashboard. The default statuses are:

In Service: Available to receive new calls via call queues.
Off Duty: Unavailable to receive new calls via call queues.
Ringing: The system is actively trying to connect a queued call to the agent (only available for inbound calls coming through a queue).
Talking: The agent is currently on an active phone call.
After Call Work: The agent is under "wrap up time" and won't receive inbound calls coming through a queue. They can receive calls directly to their extension though. Wrap up time is set in seconds by the admin for each queue.
Away: The agent has set himself as away and won't receive inbound calls coming through a queue.
Custom Away Statuses: Admins can create custom away codes for their agents like: break, lunch, bathroom, etc., from the admin dashboard > settings > preferences. 

Modifying an Agent's Status from the Dashboard

If a supervisor needs to change the status of an agent remotely, it can be easily achieved from the live supervisor console. To do this, an agent must be in either: In Service, Off Duty, or Away statuses.
Agents on other statuses like ringing, talking, after call work cannot be changed of state. 

If as an admin, you can't toggle the call center status from the supervisor dashboard, then your agent must complete the initial call center login from the app. This must be done the first time.

Agent Coaching

Supervisors can coach agents using the PhoneIQ Live Console. In order for a supervisor to monitor an agent, there must be a live phone call.
Once a call is selected for monitoring, the supervisor will be able to select from which device he wants to listen in.
Note: A supervisor can't listen to his own phone calls. He will be able to view himself on the dashboard, but the monitoring option will be blocked out by the interface.

Monitor, Whisper Barge

While listening in to calls, supervisors can use DTMF codes to:
Caller Whisper: Press 1

Agent Whisper: Press 2.
Barge/Conference: Press 3
Go back to Silent Call Monitoring: Press 0.

Screen pop to a Salesforce record 

If a match is made between a phone number and a Salesforce record, the supervisor will be able to quickly screen pop into the Salesforce record from the dashboard.

Queued Calls

Using the "Queued Calls" report, supervisors can quickly view the number of inbound calls holding on the queue in their call center and have detailed information like: hold time, via which queue the call is coming, and who is calling.

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