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Salesforce High Velocity Sales (Sales Engagement) Integration
Salesforce High Velocity Sales (Sales Engagement) Integration
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The PhoneIQ integration with Salesforce Sales Engagement (Prev. High Velocity Sales) enables reps to seamlessly connect their HVS work queues with their phone system, providing powerful automation capabilities and unparalleled productivity output on the voice channel. 

Key considerations:

This feature is only available for customers on PhoneIQ Premium and Enterprise plans.
Sales Engagement (Previously High Velocity Sales) needs to be enabled on the Salesforce Account.
Sales Engagement licenses need to be correctly assigned to the PhoneIQ Integration user.

Activating the HVS Integration: 

Head to the Admin Dashboard > Settings > Preferences and enable the High Velocity Sales Integration.

Calling from the Sales Engagement Work Queue using click to dial:

Connected calls will mark the step as completed and log the task to Salesforce. A connected call is a call that is answered by the other party (either a human, voicemail, or auto-attendant).

Canceled calls will not mark the step as completed in the Work Queue but will log the call attempt to Salesforce. Canceled calls are those calls canceled by the caller before the callee responds.

Importing Call Steps into the Dialer:

Users can import all their pending call steps into their Dialer to quickly power through their phone activity, enabling reps to choose between Power & Preview Dialing Sessions. 

Step 1:

Open the PhoneIQ CTI Softphone for Salesforce, head to Call Lists, and select create new call list.

Step 2:

Complete the required fields and select: Import from Salesforce View, choose High Velocity Sales from the first dropdown, then choose which objects you want to include (leads, contacts, or both), which cadences (you can select all or a specific one) and which cadence steps you want to import.

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