It is very common that a phone number is shared by multiple records in Salesforce. With PhoneIQ reps can manually select the record to which they want to assign the call activity directly from within the softphone.

This feature is only available for inbound calls since outbound calls are always placed by the agent and will automatically be referenced to the selected call target.

By default, PhoneIQ will show the most recently updated record. In this example, there are two Salesforce contacts with the same phone number:

  1. Patrick Cantley

  2. Rory Mcilroy

The PhoneIQ softphone shows Patrick Cantley as the caller by default since it was the most recently updated object.

As shown, the agent will be presented with a message that "2 potential matches were found" and PhoneIQ will enable them to select the correct record from within the dropdown menu.

Once the record is changed, the new caller info. will be displayed within the softphone and the end-user will be able to screen pop to the correct record in Salesforce by simply "clicking" on the contact's name within the PhoneIQ interface.

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