Whenever you create a PhoneIQ Agent user and you want that user to leverage the full power of the PhoneIQ -Salesforce Integration and access features like activity sync, contact sync and more; you'll need to assign a PhoneIQ license to your Salesforce user.

Assigning Licenses:

Step 1: Head to the Salesforce Setup Page.

Step 2: Type "Installed Packages" on the Quick Find Box and select Installed Packages.

Step 3: Search for the PhoneIQ and click "Manage Licenses" next to the package.

Step 4: To assign licenses to more users, click "Add Users".

If you don't have available licenses please reach out to [email protected] to request more licenses.

Removing licenses:

To remove a license from a user, click Remove next to the user's name. To remove licenses from multiple users, click Remove Multiple Users.


Click any column heading to sort the users in ascending order using the data in that column. Click the heading again to sort in descending order.

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