The PhoneIQ app allows you to change the caller ID depending on your company settings. If the administrator has set up multiple phone numbers for outbound calls, you can easily choose between them on the dial-pad.

Step 1: Click on the dial pad icon to access the PhoneIQ dialer, and you'll see the selected caller-ID for your PC device (which is the Salesforce CTI or Desktop App).

Step 2: Click on the main number and it will display a dropdown menu with the available numbers. You can search using a number or the number's description. Once selected your caller ID will be shown based on your selection.

Device Caller ID

PhoneIQ allows you to choose a different Caller ID for each device you have assigned, this can be done by navigating to the Phone panel on the left side and then clicking on 'Call Handling', from there you can choose which number you desire for each device that is enabled.

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