1. Mute Your Microphone

By clicking the mute button as shown below you can put your microphone on mute. This will mute the call, and the other person won't be able to hear you until you click un-mute the microphone.

2. Put Callers On Hold

By clicking on the pause button while on an active call as shown below, you can put callers on hold. After you do so, when hovering the hold button, a timer will display the amount of time the call has been on hold, in the meantime the other side of the call will hear the default on-hold music. To resume the call, click the pause button again and it will be resumed.

3. Transfer Callers

3.1 You can transfer calls to other extensions, external numbers, and voicemail boxes by using the ‘transfer’ button.

3.2 After clicking on the button will be prompted to choose who you want to transfer the call to. You can type in numbers or names.

3.3 Once you select an option from the dropdown menu, you will proceed to the transfer type selection menu.

3.4 You can choose between three options:

Transfer now: Also known as 'Cold Transfer' or 'Blind Transfer', will transfer the call immediately to the agent you chose after clicking the button.

Ask first: Also known as 'Warm Transfer' or 'Attended Transfer', will initiate an internal call, enabling the agent to ask if the other person wants to accept the call before transferring.

Transfer to voicemail: This option will transfer the call directly to the agent's voicemail you chose so the caller can leave a message. This option is only available when the transfer target is a PhoneIQ user.

4. Dialpad

The dial-pad allows you to interact with the IVR options when you are prompted to enter a number in order to be transferred to the desired department.

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