Besides listening to received voicemail and managing their settings, agents can delete their voicemails by using the CTI, desktop app, or simply by dialing their extension number.

1) Using the CTI or Desktop App

Navigate to the "Phone" app and access the "voicemail" tab on the CTI/Desktop app. Click on the dropdown menu to the right and select "delete".

2) Using the Mobile app or desk phone

Agents can dial their extension number and once done, they'll enter a menu where they can select one of three options:

Press 1 - to hear their new messages

Press 2 - to hear saved messages

Press 5 - to change their settings, like voicemail greeting

Hear saved messages

After the agent presses 2, the first saved message starts playing. After the message ends, they are prompted with a menu with four new options:

Press 1 - to save the message

Press 2 - to repeat it

Press 3 - to forward it to another extension

Press 7 - to delete the voicemail and play the next saved message

Press 0 - to return to the previous menu

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