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PhoneIQ Dashboards - Salesforce Reports
PhoneIQ Dashboards - Salesforce Reports

Our Salesforce integration comes with a set of pre-built dashboards and reports that you can use or copy to meet your reporting goals.

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PhoneIQ Dashboards give you instant access to reports of inbound and outbound calls, with the ability to filter user, department, or queue. There are six types of dashboards:

  • Agent Performance

  • Department Performance

  • Queue Agent Performance

  • Queue Performance

  • Dials to Opportunities

  • After Call Work

In each of these reports, you can filter by date with one of the pre-defined values or add your own custom filters.

Access the PhoneIQ Dashboards in Salesforce:

Step 1: Go to the PhoneIQ Lightning App (or any app with the dashboard tab), and enter the Dashboard view.

Step 2: Click on the 'All folders' option.

Step 3: Search the 'PhoneIQ Dashboard' folder, and click on it.

Step 4: Select the desired dashboard. Note that you have many dashboards to select from; however, the ones mentioned in this guide start with 'PhoneIQ.' The rest are legacy reports that will not contain data derived from the logged tasks.

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