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Salesforce - PhoneIQ After Call Work Dashboard
Salesforce - PhoneIQ After Call Work Dashboard

Learn how to read and personalize your After Call Work Dashboard.

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PhoneIQ Dashboards let you see reports of in- and outbound calls. This article will go over the After Call Work Dashboard (see also a full list of our dashboards).

Step 1: Follow the steps at 'PhoneIQ Dashboards - Salesforce Reports' and access the 'PhoneIQ After Call Work' dashboard.

Step 2: On there, you will see all PhoneIQ's reports for your after-call work stats.

Understanding Reports

Here is a comprehensive list of every report on the dashboard:

  • Caller Mood: Groups calls by caller mood.

  • Call Purpose: Groups calls by call purpose.

  • Call Result: Groups calls by call result.

  • Call Tags: Groups calls by the call tag.

  • Caller Mood Time: Groups call duration by caller mood.

  • Call Purpose Time: Groups call duration by call purpose.

  • Call Result Time: Groups call duration by call result.

  • Call Tags Time: Groups call duration by the call tag.

Changing Filters

You can select one of the predefined date filters to limit the tasks taken into account for the reports.

NOTE: When making changes to our default dashboards/reports, we highly recommend to 'Save As' first.

To change the dates or add a new filter, you have to go to 'Edit,'

and once there, go to 'Filters,' to add a new filter,

or to the pencil icon at 'Date' to change or add to the default date values.

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