If the agent is not receiving calls at the desk phone or appears out of service, here are a few steps you need to check.

1.Check phone status

Do Not Disturb (DND)

If you have the DND mode on the desk phone, incoming calls are automatically rejected. The icon on the status bar indicates that DND is enabled.

The prompt message "n New Missed Call(s)" ("n" indicates the number of missed calls) will appear on the LCD screen, and callers will receive a busy message.

Press the DND soft key to disables it.

2. Check call handling

Enter the phone tab> call handling and check you have your devices enabled.

If they are disabled, calls will not ring on those devices.

3.Check internet connection

IP Address

View phone status via the phone user interface.

To verify the phone is connected to the network, the IP address must appear on the screen.

If no IP appears, plug the phone in another workstation or internet port to discard a problem with your internet port. If the problem persists, it is due to an issue in the local network.

For example, in Yealink phones, the IP Address will appear by pressing the check or OK icon on the phone.

Network connection

Check the ethernet cable between the internet port on the phone and the one on the wall or switch/hub port is correctly plugin.

Phone register

If the phone has an IP Address and the ethernet connection is correct, it means the phone is not registered at PhoneIQ.

Reset the phone, plug-out/plug-in the power. Once it is reset, check the IP Address is ok and try making a call.

If you have check all of the above points and the problem persists, contact support.

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