PhoneIQ In Call Actions - Relate to object

Relate phone calls to any Salesforce custom or standard object.

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While being on an active call, users can leverage 'In Call Actions' to enrich calls with valuable data; each action can be used in combination with Salesforce to increase your team's productivity. In this guide, we will cover the 'Relate to object' action and its functionalities.

Step 1: While being on an active call, click on the ‘Relate to Object’ action located on the right-side panel.

Step 2: Once the relate to object view opens:

2.1: Select the object you want to relate the call to.

2.2: Choose the Salesforce field you want to use to search for the record you want.

2.3: Select the field you want the results displayed by. By default, it will select the same field as in 2.2.

2.4 Once the options above are selected, type in the search criteria and hit enter. The results will be shown using the field selected in 2.3.

2.5: Select the right record and hit 'Save'.

Tip: Note that while on an active call, you can click on the Salesforce cloud icon to screen-pop to the record in Salesforce.

Important: Note that you can't relate the call to multiple objects at a time, for instance, you can't relate the call to an account and an "invoice" object at the same time. The Salesforce data model only allows relating a call to one object under the "Relate to" field.

Step 3: When you navigate to the object you just related the call to, you will see the new call activity under the activity tab.

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