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Upgrade your current billing plan
Upgrade your current billing plan

Change your current billing plan to access more PhoneIQ features

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To view your current plan and upgrade it, access the Billing section on the admin dashboard and navigate to "Billing Summary".

Select the option "Upgrade plan".

Note: You need to have one payment method added to your account to perform this action.

A new window will open showing you your current plan (green check), and the available plans to upgrade to. Select the plan of your choice and select "Next" to continue.

Note: To downgrade your plan, please contact us at [email protected]

To learn more about each plan click on this link or contact us at [email protected]

Once the plan is selected, a new window will display the details of the upgrade.

To confirm your plan upgrade, select "Complete payment" or "Back" to change your plan selection.

When the purchase is completed, you'll be able to find your invoice under the Invoices tab. Select "View" to view invoice details or download receipt.

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