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Managing canceled calls in High-Velocity Sales (Sales Engagement)
Managing canceled calls in High-Velocity Sales (Sales Engagement)

Determine if you want to count canceled calls as call attempts in High-Velocity Sales.

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When going to the Admin Panel > Settings > Preferences, you can enable or disable the option "Count canceled calls as call attempts" under the High-Velocity Sales settings.

By default this option will be disabled on your account, resulting in canceled calls that are NOT dispositioned, not counting as call attempts, and thus not marking the "call step" as completed in HVS. If the call is canceled but dispositioned, the call will be marked as completed automatically.

When enabled, canceled calls that are both dispositioned or not dispositioned will count as call attempts and mark the call steps as complete in the cadence.

In any case, the call attempt will still be logged in Salesforce if an automation is created.

Canceled calls: calls canceled by the caller before the callee responds.

Connected call: calls answered by the other party (either a human, voicemail, or auto-attendant).

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