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Add additional call information to the Salesforce Task "Comments" Field
Add additional call information to the Salesforce Task "Comments" Field

This article will help populate the comment's field with additional call data in Salesforce.

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  1. Head to Salesforce and select Setup > Process Builder > New

  2. Name the process and select "A record changes."

3. Click on "Add Object" and select the Task object and "When a record is created or edited" and Save it.

4. Add a Criteria name and search for the "Call Type" field > IS NULL > Boolean > False, then Save it.

5. On Immediate Actions, click "Add Action".

Action Type: Update Records.

Action Name: Update Task Description.

Record: Select the Task record that started your process.

Criteria: Updated records meet all conditions

Filter by (type only the ones you want to display in your comments) :

1. Disposition Code > Is null > Boleean > False

2. Caller Mood > Is null > Boleean > False

3. Call Purpose > Is null > Boleean > False

3. Call Tag > Is null > Boleean > False

Keep in mind that if you want to include more than one ACW item or additional items like tags in the same action, in order for the comments to update, you will have to fill up every field selected in the after call work. If not, you can add a new criteria to fix this.

Contact us if you need help doing this.

6. Set new field values.

a. Field: Description > Formula > Build a formula

b. Type:

[Task].Description &

" // Disposition Code:" & [Task].PhoneIQSF__Disposition_Code__c &

"// Caller Mood:" & [Task].PhoneIQSF__Caller_Mood__c &

"// Call Purpose:" & [Task].PhoneIQSF__Call_Purpose__c &

"// Call Tag:" & [Task].PhoneIQSF__Call_Tag__c

This will also depend on the fields selected in the previous step. Copy the lines for the information you want + the first line.

E.g.: If you wanted to select Disposition Code and Caller Mood, you will need to add:

[Task].Description &

" // Disposition Code:" & [Task].PhoneIQSF__Disposition_Code__c &

"// Caller Mood:" & [Task].PhoneIQSF__Caller_Mood__c

c. Click on "Use this formula".

7. Lastly, click "Save" and then "Activate" the process.

Bear in mind that due to the way PhoneIQ updates the Task record with the call information, this automation will update the comment field every time you edit it, so if you change any field of the TASK record, the description will duplicate.

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