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Manage click to dial functionality in the PhoneIQ Salesforce CTI

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This feature works through both the OpenCTI and desktop app using the PhoneIQ Chrome extension.

When using the click to dial feature in Salesforce, you can now select your preferred device to dial from when clicking on phone numbers within your CRM. This can be changed either from the admin panel or the end user app.

User app - Applies to both the Salesforce CTI and Desktop App

  1. Go to your user app and select "Lightning" from the left panel.

2. Select the tab "Call Handling" and scroll down to the "Click to dial" section. On the dropdown menu, select the default device you want to use with the click to dial functionality in Salesforce.

Once done, when you click to call a phone number, the call will start on the selected device.

Remember that for this feature to work you have to either:

1) Be logged into your user on the PhoneIQ Salesforce CTI.

2) Or use the desktop app and have the PhoneIQ Chrome extension installed.

Admin dashboard

  1. Go to the admin dashboard and select Location > Users.

  2. Select the user you want to change this setting for and head to advanced settings > Click to dial.

3. Click on the left panel > "Advanced Settings"

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