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Enable Einstein Conversation Insights in Salesforce
Enable Einstein Conversation Insights in Salesforce

Learn how to enable Einstein Conversation Insights for Salesforce High Velocity Sales in your PhoneIQ account

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Einstein Conversation insights is Salesforce's conversational intelligence platform built into High-Velocity Sales. It provides similar functionality to platforms like,, etc. When enabled, PhoneIQ will push call recordings to Salesforce automatically, where they'll be transcribed and processed to gather valuable insights. You can read more about Einstein Conversation Insights here.

Salesforce Settings

In order to use this feature, you must have Einstein Conversation Insights enabled and select PhoneIQ as the media provider:

  1. Go to setup > High Velocity Sales > Einstein Converation Insights > Set Up > Enable "PhoneIQ" in "Connect a Recording Provider".

Then, you should assign users to the permission sets in Salesforce:

  1. Go to setup > Permission Sets > Conversation Insights Integration User - Assign the PhoneIQ Integration user. You can verify who the integration user is by accessing the PhoneIQ admin panel > Integrations > Show Integration Details.

  2. Go to setup > Permission sets > HVS Conversation Insights - Assign it to all users who will use this feature.

Finally, you must make the "Voice Calls" object visible in your Salesforce account. You can do this at the profile level:

Making the "Voice Call" object visible to all users with a specific profile type:

  1. Go to setup > profiles > select the user profile you want to provide access to Voice Calls > search for "Voice Calls" on the find settings > Click "Edit" and select "Default on" for the tab settings.

Add "Voice Calls" to as a tab within HVS:

  1. Select HVS in the App Launcher > Select the tab dropdown > Edit > Add More Items > Add "Voice Calls".

Keep in mind that visibility of the voice calls records are based on role hierarchy. This means that a user can only review calls made by users with a level below theirs, and not at the same or upper level.

PhoneIQ Settings

To enable this feature in your PhoneIQ account, enter your admin credentials into the admin dashboard. Then select Settings > Preferences and select the "Enable Einstein Call Coaching" checkbox under the label Call Coaching.

Salesforce can take up to 48 hours to process the voice call, depending of the duration of the call.

To find out more about Einsiten Conversation Intelligence, you can make the Salesforce Trailhead Einstein Conversation Insights Unit.

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