Users or admins can add their custom audio greeting to their voicemail box.

This can be managed by the user or from the admin dashboard.

User management:

Click on the gear icon and navigate to the User settings > Preferences > Voicemail Settings.

Admin level

On the admin dashboard navigate to Locations > Users > Select a User > Advanced Settings

The audio greetings can be uploaded, erased, edited, or played. You can use this link to easily record new voicemail greetings.

Please remember audios should be in WAV or MP3 format.

Voicemail to email:

When checked, an email will be sent to the user when a voicemail is received.

Voicemail transcription:

When checked, an email will be sent with a transcription along with the received voicemail. This feature is only available for customers on the enterprise plan and currently is only supported in English.

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