Admins can track SMS/MMS activity and usage from the admin dashboard. Admins have access to all messages sent and received through PhoneIQ.

To access these records head to the admin dashboard > activity log > message logs

Once you've selected the "message logs" option you can search the logs by different criteria:

  1. Filter by: Department or User.

  2. Select User or Department to filter by.

  3. Select Direction: All, Inbound or Outbound.

  4. Select status: Delivered, Sent, Failed, Unread, Read, Barred, Undelivered.

  5. Date Range.

Once you completed the search, results will be displayed and admins can perform searches by message content, phone number, record name, or agent name.

Admins can access the message details screen by clicking on the actions column.

Message details include:

  • Contact Record

  • Agent

  • Message Details

  • From & To

  • Date & Time

  • Message Direction

  • Message ID

  • Message Cost

  • Status

  • Media (for MMS)

Finally, admins can export messaging data by choosing the export logs option.

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