Create a Conference Call:

  1. Once you are on an active call, click on the "+" button within your call control bar.

  2. Select the option "Add Participant."

  3. Search for a contact, agent, or type in the number you want to dial. Then select the option you want from the search results, and click on the button "Add Participant".

  4. A new outbound call will be silently triggered to the third participant.

  5. Once connected you'll see the new conference call interface that displays conference details.

  6. On the left side of the screen you'll see conference details like participants, duration, etc., and actions like kick participant and pin. The pin control is useful to relate the conference call to a specific record in PhoneIQ and Salesforce. All comments, tags, and in-call actions, plus the Salesforce task and PhoneIQ CDR will be related to the selected participant. You cannot pin other PhoneIQ users.

End the conference call:

  1. When you hover on the end call button you’ll find two options:

    1. End Conference will end the conference call for all participants

    2. Leave Conference, will kick you out of the conference and leave the other two participants connected.

Saving call information:

All call details, in-call actions, and call data will be logged against the pinned user.

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