Uploading Pre-recorded messages:

To upload your pre-recorded voicemail drop messages head to your user settings > voicemail drop.

1, Once inside the voicemail drop view, click "upload voicemail drop ".

2. Click "select audio file", and once loaded into the system you'll be able to rename the voicemail drop file. Finally, click "upload file".

Once done you'll be able to listen to your pre-recorded messages and delete them.

TIP: You can use this link to record your voicemail drop message.


Using Voicemail Drop

In order to use Voicemail Drop, when making an outbound phone call click on the voicemail drop button (labeled voicemail drop).

If you uploaded more than one pre-recorded message, you will be able to choose which message you want to drop. Once selected, click "Leave voicemail" once you hear the "Beep", and the pre-recorded message will be dropped.

You can check your dropped voicemails by accessing the "Phone App" > "Recents" tab and clicking on the Call Details popup. The popup will show the status as voicemail dropped (applies to the Salesforce task too).

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