The Phone Numbers view will display all Phone Numbers assigned to either the location or users within the location. Administrators should select a specific Phone Number as the “Default Caller ID” for all users within a location. If users don’t manually change their caller ID, or the location hasn’t been set so that users have their personal number as the default caller ID, the default caller ID will be the number presented to callees by default. Administrators will be able to port existing numbers by emailing support at [email protected] and specifying the Number, Carrier, Country, Area Code in the request. Number Porting Requests will be review by our team and will be either approved or rejected based on Countries and Carriers. Administrators can also buy new phone numbers, which will be provisioned and fully operational instantly.

Buying a new phone number:

In the Phone Numbers view, within the locations app, select the option “BuyNumber”. Once selected, choose the Country, Number Type (Local, Toll-Free), and Area Code if applicable and perform a search. Available Numbers will appear within the search results, allowing you to select the number you prefer and press Next.

On the Number Settings tab, you can enter an optional description of the number and assign it either to a user or call flow. Then press Next to finish buying the number.

If the country selected doesn’t support automated provisioning, please contact support and they will provide the number usually within 20 minutes during regular business hours.

Deleting an existing phone number:

In the Phone Numbers view, within the locations app, hover the cursor over the desired number. Click on the arrow menu on the right-hand side and select the option delete.

Modifying the location’s default caller ID:

a) In the Phone Numbers view, within the locations app, click on the number you want to set as the default caller ID for all users assigned to that location.
b) Choose the option “Make this number your default caller ID” and press save.

Note that this procedure might take some time to process based on the number of users assigned to the location.

Phone Number Description:

Administrators can add descriptions to phone numbers, making it easier for both them and end-users to recognize specific phone numbers like: Support, Sales, Main Line, etc. In order to change a Phone Number’s description:

a) Access the Phone Numbers view, within the locations app and click on the number you want to edit.
b) On the Phone Number form edit the description and click save.

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