Call Flows are used to route inbound phone calls. Call flows can be very simple or highly complex. One or multiple Phone Numbers can be assigned to a specific call flow and administrators can create as many call flows as they want.

Create Call Flow:

a) Access the Call Flows view, within the locations app.
b) Select the option Create Call Flow.
c) Complete the form by assigning a Name, Time Zone, Phone Number and selecting if you want to record all inbound calls.
d) Once the call flow is created, select the option to add business hours. You can create as many business hour rules as you need.
e) Once the business hours are added, drag and drop the different call flow actions from the right-hand side menu into the corresponding slot(no slot should be left blank).
f) Once all business hours have been configured, administrators should proceed to set up routing rules for all unspecified hours.
g) Once all slots have been filled with call flow actions, click save.

Edit Call Flow:

a) To edit the name, time zone, assigned phone numbers, or call recording settings click on the call flow you want to edit and choose the option “Info. & Numbers”.
b) To edit the call flow routing rules, change the actions in the different slots and click save.

Delete Call Flow:

To delete a Call Flow access the Call Flows view, hover the cursor over the desired call flow, click on the menu located on the right-hand side and select the option delete.

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