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PhoneIQ Softphone Features
Making and taking calls using the PhoneIQ CTI in Salesforce Lightning.
Making and taking calls using the PhoneIQ CTI in Salesforce Lightning.

Learn how to use the PhoneIQ softphone within Salesforce.

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PhoneIQ CTI - Dialer

Once the softphone is correctly set up, users will be able to view the PhoneIQ app in the Salesforce Utility Bar. To access the dialer, open the softphone and click on the “Dialpad” icon on the top left corner.

Managing your Outbound Caller ID

Agents can manually change their caller ID using the Caller ID drop-down menu. If the local presence feature is enabled for the agent, PhoneIQ will automatically choose the best number to present to the callee based on the available phone numbers in the account.

Outbound Call Lists

Agents can create call lists to automate the outbound dialing process. From within the Dialer and “Call Lists” view select “Add new call list”. Once selected proceed to add a name and select a color. Once done, contacts/leads/accounts can be added either manually by typing their name or automatically by importing Salesforce views into the call list using the “import from Salesforce View” option. (See this article)

Click to dial

Click to dial allows agents to automatically dial a number via the softphone by clicking the desired number within the Salesforce Lightning user interface.

In Call Controls

In-call controls allow agents to manage the different states of a phone call, like: mute, hold, warm transfer, cold transfer, and transfer to voicemail. More information on this in this article: PhoneIQ - Call Controls

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