1. Account must be synced with Salesforce.
2. It's only available to users with the PhoneIQ Agent License.


After call work is composed of 3 things: 

a. Call Disposition Codes (commonly known as call result)
b. Call Purpose Codes
c. Caller Mood

Call Disposition Codes and Call Purpose Codes are assigned to specific departments within PhoneIQ (not system-wide), enabling managers to set different codes to their respective teams based on their unique needs.

Once these items are created After Call Work must be set to "Enabled" for the form to appear after a call is finished. 

After Call Work Setup:

Step 1: Open the admin dashboard > locations > call settings
Step 2: Create Call Disposition Codes or Call Purpose Codes. To do so, click on "Create disposition codes" > assign a department and enter the desired codes. Codes can be created, deleted, or rearranged.

Step 3: Once you've created Call Disposition Codes or Call Purpose Codes, in the admin dashboard, go to locations > call settings > after call work and click on "Add after call work."

Step 4: Select the department in which you want to enable after call work, set status to "Enabled," and check the items you wish to reps to complete after they've finished a call.

Step 5: Log in to the PhoneIQ CTI, and once an outbound or inbound call connected to the "PSTN" ends, the After Call Work form should pop up. Reps can complete or skip After Call Work, enabling them to complete it at a later time. 


If reps want to edit their "After call work" or receive an inbound call while completing the form, the information will be automatically saved, and agents will be able to complete it later from the "recents calls view."
Icons with a bullet represent incomplete After Call Work, and regular icons represent complete.

Using filters, reps can easily filter calls by disposition codes, call purpose, incomplete or complete after-call work, and more. These same filters can be used by managers in the admin dashboard > call logs to track call outcomes.


Managers can track After call work results from the "PhoneIQ After Call Work" Dashboard in Salesforce.

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