Salesforce High Velocity Sales provides the ability to branch cadences based on call results. In this article, we explain how to setup call result branching on Salesforce HVS using PhoneIQ disposition codes.

Step 1:

Add disposition codes and enable after call work in PhoneIQ. Make sure to assign them to the corresponding department to ensure they are shown to your agents on HVS.

Step 2:

Enable call results in Salesforce High Velocity Sales and assign the corresponding disposition code text to the different HVS results.

2.1 Go to Salesforce setup

2.2 Go to High Velocity Sales settings:

2.3 Enable Call Results for branching and assign the exact matching text of the PhoneIQ disposition codes to each call result separated by a comma. You can assign one or multiple PhoneIQ disposition codes per HVS Call Result.

Step 3:

Create a cadence with branching based on call outcome.

Pro Tip: You can concatenate multiple call outcome branching objects.

Step 4:

Make a call from the Salesforce HVS work queue or PhoneIQ power dialer (using HVS cadence step automatic import) and disposition the phone call in PhoneIQ. Once you save changes, the cadence should branch accordingly.

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