Local Presence is currently available only for the US & Canada

Local presence is a system that enables agents or sales reps to automatically dial out using local area codes. This feature can be very valuable because people tend to be more inclined to answer calls coming from the same area code rather than toll-free or long distance phone numbers, increasing the call connection rates.

Enable Local Presence for your company

Step 1: Log in to the administration portal using your admin credentials and navigate to the 'Settings' view located on the left side.

Step 2: In 'Settings' navigate to 'Preferences', scroll down and you will see the Local Presence feature. To enable the feature you simply have to mark the checkbox and click "save changes".

Local Presence: The outbound call made by the agent will be made using the closest matching location number within your account. These numbers if configured via call flows, will provide the ability for callbacks.

Use Shared Local Presence Pool: The outbound call will be placed using a PhoneIQ number from our shared pool of local numbers in the US & Canada that cover over 95% of all area codes. These numbers don't provide callback capabilities yet.

Step 3: After doing this the admin will see the option to enable local presence from the user settings modal.

Users also have the ability activate the feature from: Phone > Call Handling > Local Presence.

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