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Billing Overview and Subscription Management
Billing Overview and Subscription Management

Access important information like billing cycle, current plan, license count and usage, and more.

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The Billing Summary section provides an overview of your PhoneIQ billing details.

To access this view, navigate to the billing section on the admin dashboard and then select "Billing Summary".

Here, you'll be able to check your current plan, billing cycle, next billing date, number of licenses, license usage, and pricing.

In this section, you can also buy new licenses and upgrade your current account plan.

Note that next year's or next month's total may not display the actual amount to be billed in cases where custom pricing has been agreed, prorated changes were made mid-term or credit notes applied; among other cases.

Change your billing address and invoice recipients:

Select billing settings on the bottom of the page to change the billing address and invoice recipients.

The Primary Company Address is the company's physical address purchasing PhoneIQ services and is used to calculate any applicable sales taxes (in the US). In the case of invoice recipients, you can search for a registered user or add an email address.

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