A call status represents the outcome of a call from a telephony perspective. PhoneIQ has different call statuses, and they are grouped into 3 categories:

  • Outbound Calls (Connected, Voicemail Dropped, Canceled)

  • Inbound Calls (Answered, Missed)

  • Call Center Calls (Handled, Abandoned, Timeout)

Outbound calls

Outbound calls can have 3 possible outcomes or statuses: Connected, Voicemail Dropped or Canceled.

Connected: If the outbound call was successful, the call status is connected even if the call connects to a human, voicemail, or phone tree. From a telecom point of view, the call was successful in connecting to another endpoint.

Voicemail Dropped: If the agent decided to leave a pre-recorded voicemail using the voicemail drop option, the voicemail dropped status will be displayed.

Canceled: If the call was canceled by the user before connecting, the status will be set to cancel.

Inbound calls

Inbound calls represent all incoming calls that are not ACD calls coming through a queue. These can be direct to extension calls or via a ring group for example. These calls can have two possible call statuses:

Answered: The call was successfully answered by an Agent.

Missed: The call was missed.

Call Center Calls:

Inbound calls coming through an inbound call queue, are categorized as call center calls. These calls have 3 different statuses:

  • Handled: The call was answered by an agent. It's the equivalent of an answered call.

  • Abandoned: the caller dropped the call before any agent in the call queue was able to answer it. It's the equivalent of a missed call.

  • Timeout: the call exceeded the maximum wait time of the queue before an agent was able to answer it. It's the equivalent of a missed call.

    The call status information is displayed in the call details section within the desktop or CTI app. To access it, navigate to the Phone tab > Recents > Call details.

    You can also view the call status details in Salesforce under the call status field in the Task Record.

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