Key considerations:

In order to use this feature a user needs to have a personal number with SMS/MMS capabilities assigned to them. If this feature is not enabled on your account by default, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll enable this feature for you.

When sending SMS or MMS your app will not allow you to close threads or reload the page if a message is not sent at the moment of closure.

We currently offer one on one text messaging only. We plan on adding a shared inbox feature soon.

Messaging campaigns are not currently available.

This feature is only available via the Desktop App and Salesforce CTI.

Learn how to enable SMS/MMS for your users here.

Sending your first SMS/MMS message:

Head to the home section on your desktop app or Salesforce CTI and select "start new conversation".

Once selected enter the contact name or number you want to text to.

Once you send the message, the conversation window will now appear within the left sidebar. The following image below explains the different features on the conversation screen:

1. Is your personal number from where you are texting from.

2. Is the record's number you are texting to.

3. Actions: allows you to create tasks and events in Salesforce.

4. Call the record.

5. Record information: you can edit certain fields of the record like first name, last name, etc., and view the recent activity.


  • You can screen pop to the record by clicking on the cloud icon (beside the records name, to the left).

  • You can list a record as favorite in PhoneIQ by clicking the star icon (beside the record name, to the right).

In this image you can see how to edit a records contact information easily from PhoneIQ.

In this image you can see how to change the number where you are texting from.

In this image you can see how to create task and event records in Salesforce.

Sending an MMS

Sending an MMS message is simple. Just click on the "image" icon within the text message input and select or drag and drop an image. You can add a description that will be sent as a separate text message.

Accessing Message Details:

Users can access message details by clicking on the dropdown menu within the conversation window for each individual message. The available actions are:

  • Copy message: copies the content of the message

  • Copy message ID: copies the ID of the message (built mainly for support purposes)

  • View in Salesforce: allows you to instantly navigate to the task record in Salesforce

Guest contact records:

Incoming messages from unknown numbers are stored as guest contacts. You can quickly add them as new shared records (leads, contacts, person accounts or accounts) by editing their contact information in PhoneIQ within the conversation window.

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