Step 1: Activating personal numbers on your account

In order to use the SMS/MMS messaging feature, an account has to have personal numbers enabled. Check if this feature is enabled by navigating to the admin dashboard > location > users, clicking on a user. You should see the personal numbers tab within the left sidebar. If the feature is not available please reach out to [email protected] to have this feature enabled.

Step 2: Ensuring your numbers have SMS/MMS capabilities

To be able to text message from a phone number, you need to ensure the number you assigned to a user has texting capabilities. For new phone numbers, when searching for available numbers you'll see the capabilities displayed within the search results. For existing phone numbers, users will be presented with an on screen message if their numbers can't send text messages. Please reach out to support if this message is presented and we'll have these numbers enabled for you. It can take up-to 7-10 business days and this feature is available on a limited number of countries like the US, Canada and UK. For availability in additional countries please reach out to our team.

*A message like the one below can be displayed if no personal numbers are assigned for text messaging, if the numbers assigned have no text messaging capabilities or if the account is out of messaging credits

Step 3: Add messaging credits

Add messaging credits to the account in order to send and receive SMS/MMS messages. You can follow this instructions.

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