With this new custom roles you will be able to grant fully customized features to your supervisors.

You will also be able to choose which departments you want to monitor on the Activity Log as well as on the Live Dashboard.

Create New Customs Roles

  1. From the admin panel go to Settings, Roles

  2. Click 'Create Role'

  3. Add a name to this New Role

  4. Use the checkboxes to activate/deactivate the permissions you want this Role to have access to.

    1. Locations (User Management, Departments, Phone Numbers, Call Flows, Ring Groups & Queues, Call Settings, Devices)

    2. Activity Log

    3. Supervisor Console

    4. Integrations

    5. Billing

    6. Settings

  5. Click 'Create role'

Edit and delete new role

To edit or delete this new role hover the cursor over the role. A menu located on the right-side hand will appear and when clicked will prompt the options to edit and delete role.

This way you will also be able to edit the permissions of our default supervisor role.

When trying to delete a custom role a prompt will appear requesting you to assign a replacement role and all users that used to have this role will be updated.

How to set up which departments this new role can monitor on the Activity Log and on the Live Dashboard.

Go to Locations, Users, select the User you want to grant permissions, go to Advanced settings and under 'Departments Permissions' use the checkboxes to activate the desired departments, click 'Save'.

Supervisors only have access to filter by User and Department on the activity log.

*Departments permissions wont be display in advanced setting until you select and save the new custom role for the user.

If this feature is not enabled on your account, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll enable this feature for you.

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