Before importing records from a High Veloicty Sales cadence into PhoneIQ, you want to make sure these steps are completed:

  1. The Salesforce user used to integrate PhoneIQ and Salesforce must have the High Velocity Sales permission sets assigned in Salesforce.
    (Setup > Permission Set > High Velocity Sales Cadence Creator AND High Velocity Sales User).

  2. The Sales Cadence must be Active and have at least 1 Call step.

  3. The PhoneIQ integration user must have access to the cadence.

  4. The Sales Cadence must have targets with phone numbers.

  5. Ensure the contact sync is active before you import the records from HVS to PhoneIQ.

  6. Define call results and disposition codes.

  7. Setup Einstein Conversation Insights to surface valuable insights from conversations automatically.

Once you complete these steps, you can navigate to Salesforce > High Velocity Sales and access the PhoneIQ CTI by clicking on the utility bar.

Important: This feature doesn't work from the desktop app. The user must use the web-based CTI.

Click on the dial icon on the left and navigate to the Call List tab.

Name your new call list and select:

Import Call list from: High Velocity Sales

Select object type: Select the record types you want to import into the call list (e.g.: leads, contacts, person accounts, etc.).

Select cadences: Select the cadence, or cadences, from where you wish to import records into the call list.

Select steps: Select the step, or steps, from where you wish to import records into the call list.

Save the call list and start calling!

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