What is CNAM?

Caller ID Name (CNAM) is a service used in telephone networks to provide the name of the calling party. The name can be a business or person, represented as a string of text no longer than 15 characters. CNAM cannot start with a number - it should begin with a letter and can only contain letters, numbers, periods, commas and spaces.

Telephone carriers are responsible for populating one of several authoritative databases with subscriber data, known as CNAM repositories and collectively referred to as the Line Information Database (LIDB).

Where does CNAM lookup work?

Caller name Lookup is sourced by authoritative CNAM data, which is only supported by carriers in the United States. CNAM lookups for phone numbers from other countries are not supported.

Additional information

Please note that often times, CNAM display name only appears on devices if enabled by the subscriber. For landlines, CNAM is always enabled by default. For mobile devices, some carriers, offer for free, but others require you to download their smartphone App and pay $3 per month.

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Managing your Caller ID Name:

This feature only works for PSTN calls in countries where Caller ID Name is supported via SIP signaling (E.g.: Canada). In countries like the US you'll need to reach out to our support team and they'll create a request with the upstream carrier to enable CNAM on your number.

With this feature, admins can quickly change the text displayed on the callee's screen. This configuration is managed on a per-user basis and can be only changed from the admin dashboard.

Navigate to Locations > Users > Select a user > Advanced Settings.

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